Contingent Search

Crexia provides a pool of passive talent through our contingent search service.

By using this hiring service, we partner with your in-house recruitment teams to search and shortlist talent for you based on the recruitment brief and your business need.

Our specialist market knowledge means we understand our clients’ needs and challenges and are able to help them acquire the talent they need to take their team to the next level.

We do this by utilising all talent sourcing methodologies, tapping into our contacts, database and extensive candidate networks.

Historically, we have built strong relationships with skilled candidates; aligning our actions to the expectations of the hiring managers to secure the best possible talent in the market.

Our permanent or contract recruitment service will guarantee you access to this network of qualified candidates who will be ready to engage for the right role.

As true talent partners, we are on the same journey with one goal – to attract the right talent in the market, at the right time.

Work with us to help you attract the right talent for your hiring needs. Let’s connect.