BAME Talent in Media

BAME Talent in Media Event

Date: 20th October 2020 | Theme: “More ME in MEdia”

BAME Talent in Media 2020 is the first virtual careers event that aims to bring together early careers talent from the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups and connect them with a wide range of Media organisations.

The theme for this event is “More ME (Minority Ethnic) in MEdia” and this is fitting, especially at this time following recent global events and the statistical low representation of black talent within media.

And according to the IPA UK, of the 24,866 employees recorded as working in media agency in 2019, the number of employees from a BAME background was found to have dropped from 13.8% to 13.7% year-on-year.”

The figures reveal that ad land is falling behind in meeting the IPA’s diversity targets, which are set at 15% BAME representation in leadership roles and 25% among new starters by 2020.

Based on the above and with the aim to improve more representation of BAME talent in Media, we will have speakers from Advertising and Media companies share insights on the following topics:
  • Why we need more BAME talent in Media
  • What are the career options in Media
  • Who are Media companies looking for
  • How to apply to jobs in Media and TV

Sponsorship Opportunities

We have some sponsorship and speaking opportunities for Advertising, Media, TV and Entertainment companies who would like to:
  • Highlight their BAME/diversity hiring strategy
  • Showcase the opportunities they are hiring for
  • Promote their organisations as inclusive
  • Recruit BAME talent for active open roles

To learn more, please DOWNLOAD sponsorship brochure.