Diverse Talent Pipeline

How often have you heard leaders and organisations say they don’t have a strong diverse talent pipeline?

The reality is that internal recruitment teams and traditional executive search firms are not incentivised to focus on diverse talent search. There is always a lot of talk about the need for a diverse talent pipeline but with not enough impactful actions to back the words. The truth is, if your executive leadership are not actively interviewing candidates with strong diverse representation in the shortlist, then you would likely not be hiring diverse executives.

Creating a diverse talent pipeline requires a thoughtful and intentional approach that involves several key steps.

Here are some steps you can take to build a more diverse talent pipeline:

Identify your organisation’s diversity goals

The first step in creating a diverse talent pipeline is to identify your organisation’s diversity goals. This involves setting clear goals for diversity and inclusion. You have to convince yourself as to why diversity is important to your organisation. Finally, you can create an actionable plan to achieve those goals.

Expand your talent engagement channels

To attract a more diverse pool of candidates, consider expanding your recruitment channels beyond traditional methods. Look for diverse recruitment platforms and partner with organisations that serve diverse communities. You can also attend conferences that focus on diversity and inclusion.

Work with diverse executive search partner

Actively pursuing diverse executive search ensures a fair and inclusive selection process for diverse executives. It opens up opportunities for individuals from underrepresented backgrounds and promotes equal access to leadership roles.

Crexia delivers diverse executive search, providing balanced and diverse shortlists of exceptional leaders. For every retained search assignment, we guarantee to deliver >50% diverse shortlist, providing you with a strong pool to hire your exceptional talent.

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