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We have seen a large surge in the number of Social Recruiting tools and products in the last few years. Some of these evolved their hiring software into a Social Web platforms, whilst others launched as pure-play Social Recruiting software. Quite a lot are built as Facebook Recruiting apps and several are Social Jobs distribution / employee referral toos.

With due respects to a multitude of platforms out there, I have isolated ones that I am personally watching; some of which are changing the way companies recruit, and candidates are finding jobs.

What are your top 20 Social Recruiting platforms that you are watching? Is there anyone not in the list that must not be missed? Feel free to comment or contact us.

Ascendify is cloud-based Social Recruiting Platform that uses the social connections of existing employees and recruiters to create a private talent community of candidates & referrals.

BeKnown (from Monster) is a Professional Networking App on Facebook, where you can connect professionally within Facebook without mixing business and friends.

BranchOut allows users to leverage their Facebook friend networks to find jobs, recruit talent, and strengthen relationships with professional contacts.

BullhornReach helps hiring managers, employees and recruiters leverage their social network connections and search engines to find great candidates.

HireRabbit helps you design a beautiful career site on social networks, boost your referral recruitment, integrate with systems you already use, and provide metrics that matter!

Identified transforms your Facebook page into an active Talent Community and Social Job Board, or search through Facebook profiles with ranking to find targeted candidates.

Jibe provides job-seekers with insight into how many connections they have at a given company, contact those connections, ask for referrals and attach those referrals to their job applications.

JobMagic is a social media recruiting application which expands recruiter’s reach by leveraging the power of social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and 300 other social networks and the Web.

Jobs2Web (a SuccessFactors company) makes on-demand recruitment marketing software that can attract the very best candidates through social networks and referrals.

Jobvite is recruiting software platform for the social web. Jobvite’s SaaS apps help companies target talent & build the best teams.

MeshHire is a Social Recruiting Software & referral recruitment software, that turns your employees, candidates, and social media contacts into virtual recruiters.

Pealk is the #1 Hunting App for LinkedIn and makes it extremely easy to search, sort & engage 160M professionals on LinkedIn.

SelectMinds Social Recruiting software turns your current and former employees social connections into a constantly growing and readily available source of referrals.

Simplicant is a next generation, cloud-based talent acquisition and social recruiting platform to target and effectively engage talent.

SmartRecruiters is the free social recruiting platform which leverages an open SaaS platform and pervasive social networks to democratize access to top talent for SMBS.

TheSocialCV is a search tool that enables users to find individuals that have certain attributes that have been mentioned on a social network profile or other publicly available data sources.

TribePad is a Social Talent Community platform for candidate attraction, acquisition, engagement & internal social networks.

TwitJobSearch is the world’s first job search engine to harness the power of Twitter. Search the hottest, most recent best paid jobs in the entire Twitterverse.

Work4 Labs helps companies leverage social media to find, engage, and hire top candidates. Work for Us allows companies of all sizes to create a customizable, social career site on Facebook.

Zartis is an easy to use social recruiting and referrals software, post jobs to social media, streamline your recruitment process.

Disclaimer: 3 of the platforms in the list are sponsors of #SRCONF. Some may well be involved in the future. I just wanted to make a list of ones I find interesting!

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