Nick Shackleton-Jones on Social Learning

Posted by Martin Couzins on Thursday, March 8th, 2012 | 2 Comments

Nick Shackleton-Jones, Group Head of e-learning at BP, shared his learning from his time at the BBC and revealed some of his thinking around the development of a new learning hub at BP.

He highlighted two key issues that L&D professionals need to consider when developing social learning. These are:

Build it and they won’t come

Nick shared the story of developing MOO at the BBC, an internal social platform for learning content. A key reason it didn’t work was that there was not enough content to engage users. His advice is to get in place a content strategy. He’s putting that into practice at BP where he has currently created 800 pieces of video content for its learning hub.

Identify the business challenges

Without a business need, people will have no reason to interact with your content. If the need is there then users will come and hopefully start conversation around the content.

Nick then went on to talk about the L&D team as being a group of honey bees – generating the content – and curators – tagging and organising content.

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